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Let positive reinforcement flow through your whole life by learning about it with your dog.

About Tails We Win

About Me

I'm Kelly and like you, I love animals and dogs in particular. I'm also a totally unabashed geek about training and behaviour. I believe that knowledge should be shared and applied to make it meaningful. I strive for excellence and efficiency without losing sight of compassion, clarity and consent. Empowerment of all learners, whatever their species, is a guiding principle.

Why join us?

This network provides an exclusive, private and distraction-free community for those that want to dive into building dialogue and deepening their relationship with their dog. This place is for creating connections with each other, inspiring behaviour change while seeking mutual enjoyment and cooperation with our dogs through positive reinforcement based training.

The main network is for all Tails We Win clients, past and present, and we also offer online membership groups for particular interest topics.